4 Tips for Working with Your Wedding Florist

Hopefully, these tips will help you in all the engagements with the wedding florist. Feel free to contact Vegas Rose today.

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The Society of American Florists estimates that Americans spend approximately $26 billion on floral products. The over 23,000 establishments spread across the nation employ approximately 83,000 people. A vital piece within the vast flower industry is a florist.

After all, florists are essential. The Census Bureau estimates that there are over 2.4 wedding ceremonies carried out in the U.S. every year. Brides-to-be spend hours on end looking at thousands of floral arrangements to find inspiration for their special day. Part of the preparation involves finding a wedding florist to supply fresh and sweet-smelling blooms to the venue and reception.

With so much to cover before the big day, you come to a point where you need to schedule a meeting with the wedding florist. Vegas Rose has put together incredible hints to help you make the meeting as productive as possible.

Most brides-to-be hesitate to schedule their appointment with the wedding florist because they haven’t figured out every color, accent, and texture for their wedding. On top of that, they might not even know what flowers they prefer. Of course, it is alright if you do not know the difference between chrysanthemum and nierembergia (or even how to spell them).

It is the Las Vegas florist’s job to help you understand the different types of flowers you have available for your wedding. They can help show you which flowers would be in season for your wedding and how to best compliment your color scheme. You just need to know the feel of what you are going for and your budget estimates.

2. Figure Out Your Budget Beforehand

According to brides.com, floral budgets may cover between 7-10% of the total wedding budget. Most brides say how much they are willing to spend is the most limiting factor in finding the perfect blooms for their day.

Understanding your budget limits will help the wedding florist recommend flowers and floral arrangements within your price range. Try to have a rough idea of the number of attendees, tables, and bridesmaids before the meeting.

3. Be Flexible With the Specifics

One common mistake among brides-to-be is setting their minds on a specific floral arrangement. A lot of factors come into play when sourcing beautiful blooms. This might include the season, weather, pricing, and many more factors. It may be hard for a wedding florist to make guarantees about what flowers will be available on your big day.

Do not have your heart set on one arrangement that may be impossible to recreate. The flower shop will make the best effort to match the centerpiece you want. If unavailable, the florist can find substitutes that will fit the overall wedding theme.

4. If You Hire a Wedding Florist, Trust Them!

Just like you wouldn’t want to change your partner fundamentally, do not attempt to change your wedding florist. If you don’t like the florist’s style arrangements or boutiques displayed on their portfolio, you probably won’t like their work on your wedding day. If you feel unsure if the wedding florist can deliver, ask more questions or interview more prospects. Do not work with a florist that you do not trust.

Flower arrangements go a long way in setting the mood on your wedding day. Hopefully, these tips will help you in all the engagements with the wedding florist. Feel free to contact Vegas Rose for more information on working with florists in Las Vegas.

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